New HW and FW release for NV08C-CSM series


Friday January 10th, NVS Technologies AG announced latest Firmware (v0406) as well as new Hardware v.4.x and v.5.x for our NV08C Receiver Series.

Hardware Revision NV08C-CSM v.4.1

Hardware Revision NV08C-CSM v.5.x


Firmware Revision 0406

FW 0406 is fully compatible in functionality, settings and protocols with the latest official FW release 0206 valid for NV08C-CSM v.3.x
NOTE: Updated MaskROM Basic FW allows to provide full support of Galileo and Beidou (signal tracking & navigation). Full Beidou support will be available for hardware revision NV08C-CSM v.5.x only and FW version B4.xx. Full Galileo support will be implemented in the following FW versions and will be available for both HW revisions v.4.x and v.5.x


Firmware v.0406 is compatible with hardware revisions 4.1 of the NV08C-CSM devices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: don’t load FW 0406 into NV08C-CSM v.3.x. which leads to unrecoverable device malfunction.

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