NVS Technologies AG Selected by Alberding GmbH for its new Alberding A07 Sub-metre GNSS Receiver


Montlingen, Switzerland – Dec. 5th, 2012 - Alberding GmbH, a leading developer and distributor of professional GNSS system solutions, has recently announced the Alberding A07 personal navigator, featuring NVS Technologies AG’ NV08C-CSM high performance multi-GNSS constellation receiver. The Alberding A07 is a low-cost single frequency GNSS receiver designed for personal navigation and other sub-metre accuracy positioning applications in an urban environment. This unique device integrates NVS Technologies’ NV08C-CSM multi-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, COMPASS and SBAS) L1 receiver with GPRS and Bluetooth communication modules, an RFID reader and a processor. The Alberding A07 comes with an integrated GNSS antenna but for monitoring and tracking applications it is also available with an external antenna.


· Pedestrian navigation and tracking

· Navigation for the visually impaired

· RFID based indoor positioning

· Transportation

· GIS data collection

· Displacement monitoring and alarming


The Alberding A07 personal navigator featuring NVS Technologies’ NV08C-CSM GNSS Receiver

The Alberding DGNSS processing algorithm and Kalman filter take raw GNSS observation data to compute a highly accurate position solution in real time. Position information can then be transmitted via Bluetooth to custom specific applications running e.g. on smartphones. As an example, the Alberding A07 can assist blind or visually impaired people with orientation and navigation on the streets. For more information please visit www.alberding.eu/en/A07.html