NVS Technologies AG Releases a Leap Second Correction Assured Firmware v0205 for its NV08C Multi-GNSS Receiver Series


Montlingen, Switzerland – June 22nd, 2012 – NVS Technologies AG, announces today the release of the optimised Firmware v0205 with leap second correction assured, for its NV08C-CSM and NV08C-MCM GPS/GLONASS Receivers.

The Firmware v0205 provides performance improvements, assures optimum operation with leap second correction and enables operation beyond 18000 metres altitude, to the highly integrated NV08C-CSM SMT receiver module and the very compact NV08C-MCM BGA SiP receiver.

The Firmware v0205 enables the NV08C-CSM and NV08C-MCM receivers to be utilised in a wide range of precise timing equipment and highly dynamic navigation applications.

The Firmware v0205 is downloadable free of charge at www.nvs-gnss.com/support/firmware.